Branding & Stationery »
Branding & Stationary

'Re-branding' can sound scary and expensive; but it doesn't have to be. We don't know many small businesses that want to spend thousands on a new logo, so if you need a simple, clean and inexpensive brand we'll develop something that still sends you away feeling like a million dollars. Alternatively if you need something more, we have the experience to undertake major rebrand projects with think tanks, mood boards and detailed research & development.

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Design & Layout »
Design & Layout

We'll design anything; and we pretty much have! From a leaflet to a business card, from a 96 page annual report to a range of clothing. With a team of three experienced graphic designers, each with their own unique style, we can bring elements of professionalism, fun, simplicity or traditionalism to any brand.

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Website Design »
Website Design

With more and more people turning to the internet to find trades, services and products, can you really afford NOT to have some form of presence online? With a background in design, marketing and IT our two proficient web designers, each with their own experience in bespoke build, Wordpress, CMS and now more importantly Search Engine Optimisation, can meet any need ranging from a simple five page online brochure to a fully functional e-commerce site. Adding reliable and secure hosting to the pot, we can offer everything!

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*NEW - Facebook Pages & Apps »

Having started out as a purely 'social' media platform, Facebook is now opening the door to many opportunities in terms of developing Apps and Pages to enable you to reach your target audience more effectively. We can develop anything from a single page sales tool which replaces your standard Facebook business page through to high end Applications custom built to deliver pretty much whatever you need!

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*NEW - Digital Brochures »
Digital Brochures

Technology never ceases to amaze us and these digital brochures are no exception! If you can imagine the combination of a hard copy brochure in your hands with a website that has videos, links and interaction then you’re imagining a digital brochure. The brochure will be coded to enable it to recognize which device you are reading it on whether it be an iphone, android, PC or Mac … so there is no need for Flash!

Rather than mailing out a brochure by post, why not send it digitally to your email database and put it on your website. What’s more, if you have a minor edit to make, there’ll be no expensive reprinting!

The possibilities are endless; here are a few things you can integrate: Links to Facebook, Linked IN and Twitter accounts, videos, email addresses, websites, reveal flaps, competitions, rollover photos (for example: before and after), skip straight to page, Facebook Likes, Twitter Follows, maps, zoom tool and much more….

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Event Management »
Event Management

Why suffer the stress of organising an event when you can let us do all of the hard work for you? Event Management is the latest addition to our portfolio of professional services. Whether it be a meeting for 10 people, your annual conference, a formal dinner or an exhibition - to mention just a few of the possibilities - we have a team with over 8 years’  experience to plan, manage and execute any  event to the highest of standards, taking on all challenges presented.

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Promotional Merchandise »
Promotional Merchandise

We offer a complete one-stop shopping experience for custom made and off the shelf promotional merchandise.

From stationery items, desk accessories and event materials to sports clothing, technical work wear, and one off high end gifts, we can cater for every requirement at competitive prices. Even if it's just a concept, we can get it made!

We also stock a large Eco-friendly range, to accommodate for those wanting to reduce the effect on the environment.

Press Advertising »
Press Advertising

Advertising in magazines or newspapers can come at a heavy price. Why pay good money on booking the advert and then submit content that doesn’t work. You only have seconds to catch the readers eye, so we’ll ensure your advert jumps off the page!

Whether your advert is going in the local papers, a glossy mag, at supermarkets or railway stations, we can co-ordinate the design and placement of pre-arranged or assisted advertising campaigns.

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Map Design »
Map Design

The art of Cartography is a very specialist area is a regular requirement for such things as websites and brochures. Rather than copy the link from Google Maps, why not have your own designed to fit with your branding guidelines. One of our graphic designers is fully trained to draw location maps of any kind to any level of complexity.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) »
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating a website for a client doesn't stop after adding a few key phrases and meta tags. Unless it's a brochure site, what is the point of having a website 'in the desert with no signposts'? We research your potential clients and discover what they are typing into a search engine to find your product or service. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something we just do once; if you want your site to get to, and more importantly remain on Page 1 of a search engine the process needs to be re-iterated regularly in a 'speculate to accumulate' approach.

Commercial Photography & Video »
Commercial  Photography & Video

We don’t believe that any photographer can specialise in everything; so that's why we have more than one! Whether your photographic requirement is a portrait, corporate function, property interior, sporting event or even a wedding or modelling portfolio, we have the expertise to offer an exceptional service locally, nationally & internationally.

Geared up with HD video equipment, we can also produce high quality videos for training, podcasts, talking heads and company profiles.


Our key photographers....


her training in the 1990s with transparency film and shooting Formula One has made Karen a quick thinker who is generally to be found hanging off a building or at the top of a ladder. She thinks nothing of lying in the road with cars rushing past to secure that ultimate shot! Having undertaken projects for prestigious clients such as McLaren, Shell, Asprey & Rothmans during her Formula One days, Karen can handle the pressure from any multi-national. She now undertakes many assignments for Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands Museum, and has a growing portfolio of property work. View some of Karen’s work.


creating dynamic pictures out of challenging situations is what Simon does best. A bit of a child prodigy, Simon picked up his first camera at the age of five and was working for his local paper by the age of seven. After a stint as press and PR photographer for the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard, he went on to work in advertising, commercial, editorial, and architectural photography. He has completed commissions for many blue-chip companies and Government agencies. Budget flexible and CRB checked he is able to bring a fresh perspective to any shoot.

Video Example

For a video sample - click here.

Image Retouching »
Image Retouching

With 20 years experience in Photoshop, we can pretty much master any image retouching requirements. Removing a car from a studio and placing it on a beach, changing the colour of a tie, removing obstructive objects. these are some of the typical projects we are asked to deliver.

Marketing »

What's the difference between using a marketing agency and a graphic or web designer? Well many say nothing, but that's where they would be wrong! Would a web designer tell you if, in fact, you didn't need a website, but instead you would be better off spending your money on leaflet distribution? A marketing agency that offered both would! At Limelight, we work to understand your business and we analyse where that hard-earned money would be best spent to get the most effective return on your investment. Even more importantly, we ensure that you track where the business is coming from to keep us on our toes!

Printing »

If we've designed your business cards or your brochures, then we can print them for you too and handle everything through to delivery. Unlike with many agencies, that doesn't mean 'more expensive'. We have longstanding working relationships with many commercial printers, each specialising in different areas of print, who offer agency discounts so we can pass the standard price on to you!

Leaflet Distribution »
Leaflet Distribution

Getting your message out there is hard enough without having to deal with calls to inform you that someone has found a box of your flyers in the local skip! Believe it not, this is exactly why we added leaflet distribution to our list of services. We arrange a dedicated team of leaflet droppers with a co-ordinator in an area of your choice, delivering just your leaflet and ensuring it goes through every door. We have fine-tuned the areas of Weybridge, Byfleet and Brooklands but cover the whole of North Surrey as far south as Woking and Guildford. The distribution is monitored throughout and detailed maps of the areas covered are produced for each client.

Signage & Exhibitions »
Signage & Exhibitions

We work closely with local signage companies to produce the signage that we have designed to the highest standard and ensure it arrives with the client on time and on budget. As with printing, we receive agency discounts, so no inflated prices! A-boards to pop-up displays, vehicle graphics to exhibition stands, shop fit-outs to building wraps: we'll offer advice and support from start to finish.

Copywriting »

Everyone can write their own words, can't they? They know their own business better than anyone, right? It's easy - right up until the point where they have to start; they stare at a blank sheet of paper for 30 minutes and then go and make themselves another cuppa! If that's you, then just brain-dump everything you want to say on that blank paper and let us turn it into an entertaining and professional read whether it's for a leaflet, advertising or your website.

PR »

If you've done something newsworthy - supported a local charity, perhaps, or won an award - and you want to shout it from the roof tops then you'll need PR. We have the experience and the contacts to spread your story nationally or internationally. We also have connections with the local press which comes in handy now and then!

Social Media »
Social Media

The 21st Century 'buzz word.' Everyone talks about it but much of the business community has yet to get to grips with the world of tweets, feeds, posts & follows. Limelight can get you up and running with the key things you need to know about Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & Flickr and the most time efficient ways to 'post' on a regular basis.